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When Caio was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in 2014, his Vineland-2 Score (a standardized measure of the things that people do to function in their everyday lives) for communication was 7 (very low), the standard is 66. Today, after thousands of hours of therapy, and 6 years later, Caio is able to express himself in ways we thought would never be possible.

The performing arts bring Caio great joy. So, we started to help Caio make videos to help with his self-awareness and give him an appropriate outlet for his scripting (the repetition of words, phrases, intonation, or the speech of others). People with ASD often display scripting in the process of learning to talk. A couple of dozen videos later, we decided it was time to share Caio’s joy with a broader audience on social media.  The Caio Ninja News show is a celebration of Caio’s creativity and all of the family, friends, therapists and service providers that have helped and supported us along our journey.

- Caio's Parents

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